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Realistic Chocolate Text


You will need:

Font of your choice - Fatter font is better



This is a very simple yet effective Tutorial ... Ok let's begin

Open a New Image any size you like, I'm using 600x250

Change your Background to #6f4213 and your Foreground Transparen/Null



Let's get your Text ready

Activate your Text Tool ... Change to a suitable Font and a suitable size

Make sure it is set to Create As Vector rather than Selection or Floating

Click once on your Canvas & type out whatever it is you want to write

I'm going to be using the word CHOCOLATE

Click on Apply ... Objects> Align>> Center In Canvas

Layers> Convert to raster Layer


Now let's make the Chocolate Effect

Effects> Texture Effects> Tiles .. with the following settings



Effects> 3D Effects> Inner Bevel ... with the following settings


And thats it you should now have your very own Chocolate Text



You can now leave feedback and share your result's with me on Dave's Unique PSP's New Fanpage

Tutorial written on the 18th July 2013 (originally on 7th March 2010)

©David Hanslip