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Make your own Animated Snow

(Preview Smaller than result)


This Tutorial will show you how to make your own

Animated Snow and save it as an MNG file


You will need:

Paint Shop Pro (any version should work)

Animation Shop

A Snowflake Brush of your choice - I used ones from Hawksmont Universe

These are Photoshop brushes but I just converted them



Mura's Meister/Copies



Ok let's begin

Open a New Image 600x600 or Flood Fill it Black

Change your Foreground color to White



Activate your PaintBrush Tool and select you Snowflake

Here are the settings I used



Layers> New Raster Layer

Left click once in the center of your image ... you should have something like this

(obviously your background will be much larger I cropped for this preview only)



Effects> Mura's Meister> Copies ... *Wall Paper(rotate ) ... with these settings



Edit> Repeat Copies ... now you should have something like this




Effects> Image Effects> Seamless Tiling ... with the following settings



Delete the Black layer ... Edit> Copy





Edit> Paste > As New Animation ... Edit> Duplicate Selected

Activate the 1st frame ... Effects> Insert Image Transition



Click on the Customize button


Click OK ... click ok again to apply the effect



Delete the 1st frame (remember to do this or it may look messy)

View your Animation ... View> Animation


You may wish to slow down or speed up the Animation ... To do so ... Edit> Select All

Animation> Frame Properties ... put in your number (the lower the faster the higher the slower)


Once happy ... File> Save As ... pop in a name and for

File Type choose Animation Shop Animation (*.mng)


Abother example:

For this one I painted the same snowflake a couple of times with different Opacity



Tutorial written on 14th December 2011

©David Hanslip